Getting out at lunchtime

It’s important to keep active, even when you have a busy day at work. Today was a nice day, there was no swell so surfing was off the cards. So I hit the local skateboard bowl instead.

I’m by no means a good skater, never have been. I was raised on a farm in Central New Zealand where there was very little concrete to skate on. So this is a very recent activity I have taken up, and it has mostly been because our two boys showed an interest and got skateboards for Christmas one year.

There was a part of me that always yearned to learn how to skateboard, I had at a number of points in my childhood wished that I had a decent skateboard that I could ride. However it always came down to not having anywhere to use it.

Now that I have a good job and plenty of concrete to use, the boys wanting to learn how to skate was my perfect opportunity to relish in the lost chances I had as a kid. So I bought myself a skateboard as well one day when we were searching for a replacement one for Trace. There was a special on at the skateboard store that we just couldn’t turn down, so we got two.

I’ve been practicing a bit, mainly to try to keep up with the kids. Ollies, jumps, and tricks are not my thing. I like just riding and carving, like I’m riding a great wave.

So back to my lunchtime excursion anyway. I work in a town called Opotiki, based in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand. We have a pretty cool skatepark, its often empty during the day when all of the kids are at school, so I can ride around without the fear of running over some poor unsuspecting child on a scooter.

Here is a Gopro clip from my half an hour at the park.

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