How to start House sitting as a family

We have completed a couple of house sits through ‘Trusted Housesitters’ and we are so pleased we stumbled across this site. If you are planning overseas travel on a budget, or want to visit a place more in depth then you should seriously consider housesitting.

We joined the site and paid $139 NZD for a year membership (see below link for 25% off membership), this allows you to apply for housesits or advertise your own home. The house sits generally require you to take care of pets, house plants, and the home.

You will need to build a profile which will help the potential house sitter seeker to get to know you at a first glance, then you are ready to start searching for your house sit. We recommend reading the house sit advertisement thoroughly so you know what you are getting yourself into with the housesit, for instance if you are planning on being out and about constantly, looking after dogs might not be suitable for you.

There are filters you can put in for better search results, so if you are a family package like we are just click on the family friendly filter and that will help you avoid wasted time looking at house sits that won’t be applicable for you. Once you have found one that you are interested in you apply, we are no experts at this as we have only just started out but we have found putting as much information as you can without writing an essay has worked for us. If they like your application they may ask to speak with you over Skype or WhatsApp, so they can get to know you and show you around your potential accommodation.

Our house sits so far have been an absolute blast, we have ended up with amazing houses, beautiful hosts who are now great friends, and great pets who the kids will never forget.

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